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In one of the most beautiful places in Latvia, right on the shore of a lake, special and beautiful things are created with love.

Each 100% cotton fabric is carefully selected. SaVanna products are special care for special people. It is an ideal gift because only oeko-tex certified materials are used. Handmade. Original models, the colors are both calm, bright and expressive.

The quality will prove itself long after the price is history.

SaVanna thinks and lives green - we are focusing in reducing waste on any step of production, and focus on recycling and upcycling.

Also, at the customer's request, we pack our products in special bags sewn from jute material. This bag is made of jute, one of the most durable natural fibers and one of the most environmentally friendly. Jute does not require irrigation, it grows in 4 to 6 months and does not require pesticides and artificial fertilizers to grow. Strong, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Jute is the perfect eco-material for a durable bag.

SaVanna does not offer products made from fabrics with polyester or other non natural origin or containing artificial fibers, even if such fabrics look good and dry quickly, they have nothing to do with feeling good and living a green lifestyle. Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum. Polyester production is energy intensive. Often polyester is produced from PET bottles! This fiber biodegrades in nature in more than 200 years. That is why SaVanna offers only products sewn from 100% natural cotton, linen, silk or wool fabrics.

When you get to know SaVanna's modern philosophy, you will feel the love for our planet combined with life-enhancing colors - it's about happy people and a beautiful future for all of us!

SaVanna - it's out of this world!

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